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A2 Economics

The A2 Oligonucleotide Conjugation Kit & Activated Oligos are optimized to produce numerous 96-well A2 Multiplex Immunoasay Plates starting with 100 micrograms of purified antibody:

Total Assay Cost: Answer/Analyte/Well
using different ELISA Capture formats
 with the A2 MicroArray System

 Plex Size



Antigen /PolyAb





~ $1











~ $0.07

Estimated costs are based upon the list price for capture antibodies, biotin labeled secondary antibodies, streptavidin- enzyme conjugate  and other reagents available from commercial sources used in the analysis of analytes in human serum. Labor is based upon performance of a manual assay.

"Additional financial savings in terms of technician time stem from the fact that the multiplex assay can be completed in less than 1/4th of the time required for the completion of 4 separate ELISAs."
Leng et. al, J. Gerontol A Biol Med Sci. 2008 August; 63(8): 879-884.

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