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Turn-key solutions for the life sciences, biomarker discovery, clinical research, vaccine screening, allergy testing, IVD and other multiplexed assays.

QuantiScientifics offers multiplex assay products and custom services based upon the proprietary A2® MicroArray Systems and the  "Oligo-Link-it" universal linker technology. The A2 (A-squared; A2) System provides the ability to perform multiple tests simultaneously within one well of a microplate from a single patient sample. The current 96-well plate product allows the processing of up to 96 samples for 13 different analyses, or the equivalent of 1248 tests. Both manual and automated assays are possible. This provides the clinician or research scientist with a powerful new analysis tool based upon the multiplexed assay that can substantially reduce cost per test.

Complementary oligos are conjugated to the user selected antibody. The oligo-antibody conjugates are pooled and hybridized to the capture oligos in the well to create an antibody array.

A2 Plate
Each well contains a printed  array set of  13 different universal capture oligonucleotides, Oligo Linkers, that are covalently attached to the bottom.

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