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MEDICA 2015: BioDot Booth

Enjoying Dusseldorf's Old Towne for dinner

AACC Lab Expo Chicago, July 2014
Let us help you get your ducks in a row!
Poster # P-2769
"Multiplex Immunoassay for Allergens Using Oligonucleotide Tethering"

Poster Available upon Request
Discussion with Dwight Dawson & Dr. Bob at the QS Booth in Houston.
Dr. Matson at our ABRF Booth

 Jeanne at the Microarray World Congress
October, 2012 in San Diego
QuantiScientifics Showing the A2DxA System, BioDot Booth, AACC Expo, Atlanta, Georgia- July, 2011

Presentation at BioDot UK's Workshop, May 14, 2012 by John Witton


2011-Visting with John Witton at BioDot UK

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