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The A2 MicroArray System-An Open Platform for Multiplexed Assay Development


The A2 MicroArray System includes reagent kits and a high sensitivity CCD camera based automated imaging reader for the  rapid development of quantitative multiplex immunoassays.  The system is designed for both manual use, as well as, the performance of  automated assays using robotic liquid handlers. At the heart of the system is the A2 Plate.  This specially designed 96-well microplate of optical grade polypropylene is supplied as an array of capture oligonucleotides covalently attached  in each well. There are 13 different (Oligo-Link-it) sequences with each oligo printed in triplicate in each well of the plate. The corresponding 13 complementary SMCC-activated oligos are available for conjugation to the user's antibodies of choice. Once the oligo-antibody conjugates are prepared they maybe mixed together and applied to the plate. Alternatively, the conjugates may be stored as reagents for future use.   The result is a user-defined antibody array created through self-assembly by hybridization. The oligo-antibody conjugate density on each spot is controlled by hybridization such that similar levels of antibody are present throughout the array. Tethering of the hybrid away from the surface may also permit more efficient capture of analytes. This enables the performance of  reproducible,  sensitive and robust multiplexed immunoassays!
The A2 MicroArray System offers the user an open platform from which to validate a variety of assays, including protein antigens, peptides and small molecules.  Existing ELISAs are easily transferred over for multiplexing assays.

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