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Plates & Slides

 A2 Multiplex IA Slide

Cat. No. A21018  Glass slide, 8 sub-array wells, each covalently linked with 14 capture oligos per sub-array in triplicate

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A2® Premium Polypropylene Plates, 96 Well 
Rounded, Square Well, Flat Bottom

These premium plates were designed for work with multiplex assays. The rounded, square well design provides optimal mixing without wicking, while the expanded surface area of the well bottom permits higher density spotting of capture probes. The uniformity and flatness  of the native plate makes it useful for acoustic dispensing.

SBS Compliant: suitable for use with automated liquid handling robotic workstations
Optical Clarity: useful for fluorescence-based imaging
Surface Flatness: tolerance within 127 microns
Well Bottom Surface Area: expanded to 49.5 mm
Suggested Working Volumes: 55 to 300 microliters 

Cat. No. A21012    Native, Hydrophobic: inert, solvent resistant surface
Cat. No. A21013    Amine Modified: wettable; reactive surface

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